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UI Design Pro

UI Design Pro

⭐ 1:1 Personalized Mentorship.
⭐ 48+ hrs Live Classes.
⭐ 10+ Real Life Projects.
⭐ 5+ Design + AI Tools.
⭐ 20+ Free Resources


Classes Mode

10 LPA

Avg. Minimum Salary


About - UI Design Course

Explore AI Impact: Understand the transformative impact of AI on the UI UX design industry and anticipate future trends. 

Optimize Your Workflow: Discover how AI tools can revolutionize your UI/UX design process. From UX research to prototyping, these tools enhance efficiency and streamline your work.

Integrate AI Tools: Learn how to seamlessly incorporate AI into your design workflow. Whether it’s automating repetitive tasks or enhancing user testing, AI becomes your trusted companion.

Design for AI: Master the basics of UI UX designing for artificial intelligence. Understand the nuances, unique challenges, and opportunities that AI presents. 

Happy Learners

What they’re saying

Great session, after connecting with Design Clan, my doubts cleared and he mentored me what all the things to do. Thanks a lot!

R Gowtham - Product Designer at HealthSy

It was a very lovely cohort with Saurabh. His insights about design field were really good..

Prashant Gupta - Product Designer

He is fabulous and helpful person. with good knowledge.

Shailesh Babras - Product Designer at M&S

Grateful for Saurabh UX's live classes and mentorship. His expertise and guidance elevated my UI/UX design skills significantly

Anmol - Freelance Product Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, It's an online UI UX Design Course with full-time and part-time participation on both weekdays and weekends.

  • Yes, we provide demo sessions on daily basis completely for free.

  • You'll get a course certification after the successful completion of the UI UX Design course at Design Clan.

  • We have regular batches available for Weekends and Part-time learners.

  • We teach 15+ Design tools for UI UX Design.

    - For UI Design (Figma, Framer, UiZard, ProtoPie)

    - For UX Design (BetaFi, Marvel, Balsmiq, User Testing)

    - No Code Tools (Webflow, WIX Studio)

  • We provide 100% internships and placement assistance after the completion of the UIUX Design Course at Design Clan.

Recognized course completion certificate.

Design Clan Certification

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