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Welcome to Design Clan, where creativity thrives, and designers embark on a journey of continuous growth! As the founder and lead designer of this vibrant community, my goal is to create a nurturing space for designers to flourish, connect, and hone their skills.

Saurabh - Your Design Mentor

Saurabh is the Founder of Design Clan, with 7+ Years of exp in UI/UX Design. He has a love for crafting top-notch user experiences, He delved into B2C apps and B2B SaaS startups, merging aesthetics with functionality.


His journey spans diverse products, from wide-audience apps to specialized B2B platforms. At Design Clan, We teach our students to understand user behavior, course approach taps into empathy and design thinking for innovative solutions.

About Founder

Meet the Creative Minds Behind Design Clan

At Design, We are passionate about transforming your dream careers into realities, these are the driving force behind Design Clan. With a rich background in design, tech, and management with a blend of aesthetics and functionality, ensuring every student resonates with exceptionally trained UI UX design skills.

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