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Admission and Academic Policy

We welcome you to Design Clan (Saurabh UX)  and wish you the very best for an enlightening and successful academic journey. As we pledge ourselves to deliver the best of training, we expect your commitment and dedication toward fulfilling the tasks and duties assigned to you. Here are a few mandatories that you need to follow and complete before the term of your course comes to an end.


  • The registration fee of INR 999/- is valid for 45 days from the date of payment. You need to complete your three trial classes within this duration. Failing which, fresh registration needs to be done.

  • On the day of the third trial class, you need to pay your first instalment of fees. In the event of non-payment, you’ll not be allotted a batch.

  • Within 365 days of paying the first EMI, you need to complete your course. Any extension needs to be pre-approved by the Design Clan (Saurabh UX) management. Applications for such cases need to be mailed to

  • If a student fails to complete the respective course within a year, he/she will need to apply for re-admission, following the due process.

  • Every EMI payment needs to be done within a maximum of 7 days from the due date. Any further delay will attract a penalty of INR 100/- per day.

  • In case an EMI payment is missed/delayed, the student will need to pay a total of balance EMI + current EMI + applicable penalty fees on the next payment due date.

  • Any exception to delay in payment needs to be pre-approved by the management. All applications for such cases need to be mailed to

  • All fees quoted are exclusive of applicable GST. 


  • A minimum of 75% attendance needs to be maintained throughout the course.

  • In case of leave due to some unavoidable circumstances, written approval from your trainer needs to be submitted.

  • All assignments/homework/projects need to be submitted to the trainer within the specific time limit; any exception is to be approved by the respective trainer.

  • Based on your academic performance, attendance, participation, and the quality of your resume and portfolio, you’ll receive a grade from your trainer at the end of your course.

  • Grades explained: A (Excellent) B (Good; Potential to improve) C (Average; needs to put in the effort to improve) D (Poor; needs revision) E (Rejected)

  • After your course is over, you will have access to our LMS (or any other learning management system) for 30 days from the day of completion.

  • Downloading or screen recording the classes is not allowed without any exceptions.


If a student misses/is going to miss 3 consecutive classes, permission needs to be obtained from the management. All applications for such cases need to be mailed to .


  • If you’re looking for placement assistance, you need to mandatorily submit your details at no request/application for placement will be entertained in any other format.

  • Additionally, you also need to submit links to your resume and portfolio to your trainer.

  • As mentioned under Section (Academic Integrity) Grades Point, anyone receiving a grade below C will not be eligible for placement services.

  • In case you clear an interview that is arranged by Design Clan (Saurabh UX), you are liable to appear for the next round or join the said job, whichever is applicable. Any failure to do so will make you ineligible for further placement assistance.


After you are placed in a company, you are required to inform us by mailing at

Codes OF Conduct:

  • You are expected to maintain professional and respectful behavior at all times, both within the live class and during online engagements with fellow students.

  • You must maintain punctuality while attending live classes online.

  • Every Design Clan (Saurabh UX) property is to be handled with care and respect; any damage/breach caused to the property will be recovered from the student.

  • You should treat your colleagues, trainers, and other staff with respect.

  • Any communication by Design Clan (Saurabh UX), not responded to for more than 3 days, shall be considered an ‘absconding’ case. Any such student shall be removed/paused from the respective batches.


Throughout your training at Design Clan (Saurabh UX), for any assistance, please contact the following:


Contact person: Anjali Agrawal

Phone number: 8305503530

Email ID:

We are always eager to help you build a successful career. To assist you in your learning journey, we keep sharing updates and information on our social media platforms. We urge you to follow or subscribe to us by clicking the following links:





We wish you the best for a successful career. For further queries or concerns, reach out to us at:

Contact person: Anjali Agrawal

Phone number: 8305503530

Team Design Clan (Saurabh UX)

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