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How to Become a UI UX Designer in 2024 | Complete Roadmap

Updated: Mar 28

You can be a fresh starter or an experienced designer, there are many ways to become a UI UX designer. Many designers learned on their own when they had a start.  So how do you begin to make an attractive digital item for the best use? You can design practices and concepts of theories to learn UI/UX design.

How to become UI UX Designer in 2024 | Complete Roadmap

Have a look at how to become a UI UX Designer

To become a successful UI/UX designer, you need to have full knowledge and concept about the UI/UX design.

The main motive of the design is to make the user’s life satisfactory. The design looks to meet the needs, and preferences of the users and their intellectual makeup.

To create a digital product a designer must track down the activities and psychology of the users. The designer can work according to the requirements of the user.

Following a course:  

Taking full advantage of UI/UX design will be a big plus for motivated designers. It will give you the comfort of having a great curriculum, developing skills, and understanding concepts. 

With the help of projects, outstanding guidance, and good feedback, you can take your design skills to a different level.

With UI UX Designer courses feature to offer jobs, you can take full advantage of this skill with good job opportunities. After that, you can have a great career.

Growing a particular sense:

Basic understanding of the fundamentals will just help you gain knowledge about design principles. But you can know it in depth. Understand the website and mobile app designs and take your UI/UX design skills to a different level.

To understand design well, you should keep in mind the picture, the icons, the visual hierarchy, and the elements. To master a design, you should know what's best for it and what's not.

Having foundational skills in UI/UX design enables you to design fundamentals and master practical skills. Students using Figma, Sketch, and other tools will make a big difference. Mentors are there to help students in understanding the curriculum and build the best products. 

UI UX Designers should keep in mind about the user’s interactions with digital interfaces. They should understand design principles to make user-friendly interfaces for the best use. To bring your design ideas to life, use wireframing and prototyping techniques.


Understand the requirements of the audience to give the best. Know about interviews, surveys, and tests for the best design decisions. Conduct user research to meet their aims and requirements.

Work on your soft skills:

UI/UX Designers need to coordinate with team members, developers, and managers. You should have good communication skills and connecting skills to transfer your design ideas and work better among team members. You should have problem-solving skills. 

Use free resources to sharpen your skills

Use these free resources to have the best skills:

This is a free resource that will teach you UI/UX design. With this, you will be able to use codes, write content, and understand mobile apps as well. 

The best UI UX designers are related to Hack design and are involved with companies such as Airbnb and Tech Crunch. Hack design offers tool guides as well.

Figma: With Figma you can practice and do design exercises. Have the best use of Figma for creating storyboards, without complexity and creating the best designs. You will be able to think well for a design, be accessible, and do good user research with Figma. 

Create products according to your interests:

If you design with passion and if you have good domain knowledge and complete UI/UX design course, you will be able to get a job as a UI/UX Designer in the high-end company. Make a user-friendly app. You can work on projects as well with making good interfaces. 

For user research, follow the user interview. Get Dream of a good job and follow an ideal design path.

Reviewing feedback about your design:

Get feedback on UI/UX designs through the design community. You might be able to have a good relationship with these communities who could land you a job in the future.

Some of the UI UX Designer communities are:

This forum is all for UI/UX designers. Designers can ask questions and get answers in this forum. Interaction designers and information architects can also join the forum. The forum includes subject matter in its posts related from usability to interaction design to give the best information easily.

Designer Hangout:

It is recommended by many renowned design experts. Through this network, you will get feedback about your designs and give you job opportunities to take your career to the next level.

Design Clan is also a vibrant community where all designers connect to each other. Our main goal is to create a nurturing space for designers to flourish, connect, and hone their skills with UI/UX Design Courses.

Designers can give a view of their work on Dribble. Users can leave a comment about your design on the platform.

Grab experience of real-world:

Employers lays focus on practical knowledge and experience. To show that you are technically sound, you need to come up with real designs and projects and include these projects in your portfolio to get a job easily. Design your websites to get consistency and user control. Get a UI/UX Designer internship to take your career on the right path.

Get a good professional portfolio and go for jobs: 

A UI UX designer must carry a good resume and include their work in an online portfolio. You can find jobs with the help of UX jobs, BoardAngelList. Stretch your network to prospective employers. Follow boot camp programs like UI/UX Designer Career Track, which will enable you to have a great resume and job search strategy.

Be Up-to-date

As UI/UX design is all about new changes in technologies, it's important to stay up-to-date with the latest design changes and tools by going through blogs related to design. Join design conferences and online design communities. Non-stop learning and staying up-to-date with industry developments will make you a strong competitor in the UI/UX design world.

Searching for jobs with a great portfolio and required skills, you are good enough to search for UI/UX design jobs. Find jobs in reputed companies and startups. You can have different career paths such as mobile app designer, web designer or UI/UX designer. Choose your job according to your needs and aims.

Design Clan's UI UX Design Course Banner

Why UI UX design is so critical?

UI design is about the creativity of a product design. Designers look at the visual and interactive elements of a product. The interface consists of buttons, layout, and colors. This makes the interface well-functioned. Our UI Design Course help you out to enhance your design skills.

Skills to be a UI designer

To have soft skills

UI designers must connect with users well. Designers must know users' aims. UI designers can create experiences according to the user’s requirements. They should have good communication expertise and skills.

To research users

A UI designer should have the ability to do user research. A designer must conduct surveys and do tests which will help them to make decisions regarding design from the user’s feedback. New designers must also be masters in doing research.

Structuring Information  A UI designer must know how to arrange information. They must make a navigation system and logical content to make the user’s life easy for interaction.

Must create interactive Designs

A UI designer should look at how a user interconnects with digital products. They must make user interfaces that are user-friendly and well-functioning. This requires great skills and design principles.

Doing Prototypes

UI design experts must be familiar with prototyping tools. A designer must make interactive prototypes to test designs and go for further advancement based on user feedback. With these prototypes, you can have the best portfolio. 


UI designers are often seen coordinating with team members including developers and stakeholders. Good communication and coordination with team members is necessary to achieve great design aims.

Analytical thinking

UI designers should be equipped with analytical skills to get user research data and make meaningful products. With these skills, the designer will be able to make design decisions and the best user experience.

Ability to solve problems

UI designers should be able to solve problems. They should take feedback from users get the right solution and refine final designs.

Work on the iterative Design Process

UI designers must regularly test and refine designs according to user feedback and fulfill the iterative design process.

The designer can create the best products with improvement.


The design world is surrounded by the latest trends and new technologies. UI designers should adapt themselves to the changing industry and developments. They should use the latest tools and procedures for the design process.

UX designer gives importance to the entire user’s experience.  It's more about knowing and improving the user’s interaction with the product. UX design looks at usability and the user’s expedition through an application. UX designers are research-oriented and figure out user flows to build the best, user-friendly product.

Skills required to become a UX Designer

To have Research skills

To complete a UX project, designers must include both qualitative and quantitative aspects. Designers must do interviews, testing, and survey. We have a well-structured UX Design Course to help become the Top 1% Designer with industry-vetted mentorship.

Doing Wireframing and Prototyping

A wireframe is all about visual representation. A good user experience includes a brilliant user interface and user experience design decisions and how and where to display them visually.

Designers must know how to draw images and menus. Products are tested after accepting the wireframes.

Having Writing Skills

Designers should write about user experience. Reviewing the digital product is crucial for a website’s entire experience. You should have strong writing skills.

Interaction Skills

Digital products should relate to user-friendly interfaces. A user uses a product keeping in view- the aesthetics and physical space in which the product is used. Designers must look at user flow and screen layout.

Visual Skills

Visual design is about the look and feel of a website keeping in view user experience. 

Whether you're a seasoned designer looking to level up or a newcomer eager to break into the industry, Design Clan's UI/UX Design Course is your ticket to success. Don't miss out on this opportunity to unlock your creative potential and embark on a rewarding career in design. Enroll now and let your imagination soar with Design Clan!

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